Medicina Estética y Regenerativa en Barcelona y Madrid

Customized one on one Training in

Regenerative Therapy with Stem Cells (SVF)

  • ONE TO ONE (individual training with the assistance of only one PhD under Dr. Wiersba Supervision)
  • Professionals per training: 1
  • Real models: 2 (both facial and hair will be performed in each model)
  • Virtual Mode: a virtual option is available upon request, prior to the on-site practice. Bibliography and other references will be provided.
  • The training is fully clinical-practical by the Phd, under Dr. Wiersba Supervision.
  • Medical supplies and materials are included.
  • Models will be provided by the professional, this will secure a positive ROI
  • Address to: Medical Doctors only
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  • Morning shift: 9 am – 2 pm OR Afternoon Shift: 3 pm – 8pm
  • Date: upon professional request, 30 days in advance.
  • City: Barcelona
  • Availability: International (at the requestee charge) (If travel is involved, all the expenses such as air tickets, accommodations and meals are also at requestee charge)
  • Licensed Doctors
  • ID/Passport/Residence Card
  • Liability Inssurance


  • To Learn the clinical situations in which these treatments will be applicable.
  • To Recognize the skin warnings at the time of the medical procedures, focusing the treatments not only in the healing, but in the entire wellness.
  • To identify the points of clinical relevance while boarding the treatment with stem cells from the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF).
  • To Recognize the high projection facial areas to enhance the beauty of each individual to apply the proper procedure.
  • To Improve the 1st interview and learn the proper communication of the treatments.
  • To Recognize the cases in which the treatment will apply, for both facial and capillary.
  • To Identify the eligible patients for the combine treatment, using both NanoFat and Rich Plasma.

At the end of the training, professionals will be able to:

  • Know the semiology of aesthetic and regenerative medicine and identify the facial and capillary aging signs.
  • To fully assess the eligible patients and her/his clinical signs, as well as her/his personal matters to suggest an action plan.
  • To diagnose the complications and foresee the next steps, for each case in particular.
  • To clearly and efficiently communicate during the whole process, understanding his/her emotions.
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Prof. Dr. Gonzalo Wiersba

Expert in Regenerative Therapy

Dr. Gonzalo Wiersba has a conservative medical profile, he works with the right dose in the right place. He performs a minimalist aesthetic medicine, providing the amounts that the patient needs according to his age and his oratory. He will never change the faces of his patients, instead he will find the best version of them.


Expert in Minimalist Aesthetic Medicine
''The right dose in the right place''

About the treatment

Stem cell lipofilling is a new technique to replace the volume lost in the face over time.

We usually use it to fill in dark circles, cheekbones, furrows or lips in a natural way since the material is obtained from the patient himself through a small extraction of fat from the inside of both knees, from the abdominal area, from the cartridge belts or from the hip with local anesthesia.

Discover more information and real cases about regenerative therapy with Lipofilling.

Other trainings carried out

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